Launched in the year 1976, our wholesale service was set up under the company name Eagle Tea and Trading Company. We are one of the oldest bulk and whole tea distributors in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. We are dealing with over a 100 tea gardens in Assam, to deliver some of the best teas from those regions. Our company ensures that we are one of the most transparent, committed and clean business house to trade with. We constantly strive to provide competitive pricing to our retailers and wholesalers by taking into account the seasonal changes.
We stock our teas from upper Assam and Siliguri regardless of it being the Second Flush or Autumn Flush. We also supply Organic Tea, Green Tea, Darjeeling Tea and flavoured teas (Masala, Cardamom, and Chocolate). Our commitment to supply any bulk demand for quality and certified tea with quick turnaround time differentiates us in the market.

Inviting Distributors to Partner with us​

Modi Tea is proud to be associated with over 250 distributors across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, who have been the key to our growth and success. We welcome you to join our growing network of distributors.

To join our growing network of distributors, write to us at sales@moditea.com
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